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This book can now be purchased from www.amazon.com             

ISBN: 0-9751958-6-7

Year of release: 2012


Israel Photographed

Israel Photographed: with photographic tips

(Contains 3 poems)

This book can now be purchased from www.amazon.com    

ISBN: 0-9751958-2-4

Year of release: 2011



 2000 From New Zealand by Jennifer Phillips

2000 From New Zealand

ISBN: 0-9583598-3-0

Year of release: 2000
Out of print

In Their Likeness by Jennifer Phillips

In Their Likeness

ISBN: 0-9583598-2-2

Year of release: 1995
Out of print

In His Hands by Jennifer Phillips

In His Hands

ISBN: 0-9583598-1-4

Year of release:1992
$20 (includes postage)


In His Time by Jennifer Phillips

In His Time

ISBN: 0-9583598-0-6

Year of release: 1983
$20 (includes postage)



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