Poetry by J. K. Phillips

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Freedom of.....

There are systems that dictate sounds
Worlds that rule words
And judgments in observations
Perhaps they shouldn't be heard.

The boa constricts its prey
In such a privileged way.
Should power empower the silenced
Or limit what they have to say?

Is freedom a Taniwha myth
Born from our boundaries of birth
Where we learn how we can discriminate
In order to cohabit the earth?

You can say  whatever you like
                    wherever you are.... to
                    whomever you want
Are you free?
Would you like transparency?

do you value the constraints of
and war?

If you rape my ears
because you have
    "no fears"
    "no tears"
your taniwha rules
without conscience.

© J. K. Phillips     Disclaimer
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