Tutorial: Uploading Your PCUG Web Page

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There are different ways to upload your web page. You can download a free FTP program or use the one that comes with Internet Explorer.  

First method

Open the folder on your computer, right click on the file you want to upload, copy.
Open Internet Explorer.
Type ftp://ftp.pcug.org.au as shown:

Type in your username and password

Click Page on your browser window

You will need to type in your username and password again.

Click on the Public Html or www depending on which one you use, right click, paste if it is page file. Click on the images folder and paste it there if it is an image.   

Second Method

Step 1

You can make an index.html page for your site using the HTML tutorial on this site or you can use an online editor provided by your Host.

To make changes to your web page you can double click on     and go to your web site (mine is: http://phillips.pcug.org.au )

Right click on the page then View Source. Make the changes then go to File Save As and save it in your web page folder remembering to change the name to something.html and using the drop down arrow to change it to All Files.

Step 2

  • Find your FTP program and double click on the icon. If you want a free one try Core FTP Le

  • Type in your username and password

  • Double click on the www

  • On the left hand side find and select the file or image that you want to transfer to your www.

  • On the right hand side find and select the folder/directory that you want to put the image or file into.

  • Use the arrow to zap it accross.

Click the following link for more detailed tutorials on FTP. The software can be downloaded here as well: http://www.ftpplanet.com/

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