Tutorial: Flash® Animation

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  • Double click on Layer 1 to rename it.
  • In the workspace draw something that moves.
  • For older versions of Flash, right click in frame 1 of Layer 1 where the white dot is (For newer versions just click and go to the properties box.)
  • Select Create Motion Tween. Your image will then have a blue box around it because it has been converted to a graphic symbol (For some versions of Flash you will need to convert the image to a symbol before creating the moton tween).
  • Right click frame 10 > Insert key Frame.
  • Click and drag your image to other side of the workspace
  • Click Control > Test Movie. Look at the file that is generated in your folder.
  • If you want your image to fade out you can click on your image symbol to select all frames and chooseTint from the color panel.
  • Select the last frame on the timeline, click on the image and change the tint % by using the slider.

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