Easter 2006 Digital Art

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12-23 March 2006

15 Local artists exihbited at Strathnairn Homestead Gallery, Canberra, ACT

For some of my works I begin by taking photos and manipulating them using computer software tools and mouse like an artist's brush to add highlights, shadows, shapes and colour as I have in:

Please Sir, can I have some more?
memorabilia of significance
yet temporary as a ribbon blowing in the wind.
Things we value
trappings from the past
technological waste
impacting the land.
Hungry or not
we still want
more, more, more.

Even In A Dark Valley The Sun Still Shines
Some of my art looks like a photo but I have created it using digital software that has sculpting tools and settings to change the landscape and determine the look of clouds, water and atmosphere.

The Australian landscape
unusually marked
with stones
piled up
Neolithic rock memorial.

I used a photo I had taken of stones as a surface map for the mountainous rocks in this image. I saw the dry jaw bones of a small animal that no longer lives in the area and added it to this Terragen scene in Photoshop: a small but significant mark on the landscape.

Rain/Reign In The Valley Of Achor
The valley of Achor is an ancient landmark created from the stones used to punish law breakers. This image is a message of hope to those who feel like a rusty watering can. There is water in the dry thirsty valley of trouble/weeping. Those who seek God will find the pool with a "door" to where the rain clouds gather. I created the landscape in Terragen using photos as surface overlays. I manipulated it in Photoshop, drawing the tree and adding the photo of a rusty watering can.

Arise! Arise!
I used Terragen to create the sky. I wrote the music in Corel Draw, Noteworthy Composer and Band in a Box. I used the computer mouse to draw the rest of this image in Photoshop, where I warped the music, altered the colour of the sky, and strengthened the sun rays. The concept of journey is an ancient path. My character is being lured by the music to travel this ancient path. The landmarks are in the music and words that urge her to begin.


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