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Get the free ebook compiler by clicking on the Free Download banner above. Then scroll untill you get to this section and click on download:

Once you have downloaded your ebook compiler, make a folder and put your HTML pages and images in it. Don't make any subfolders or the compiler won't work.
You can only have a total of 25 files (HTML and/or images) if you are using the free version.
When this is complete, activate the software by clicking on the ebook icon

Click on the Edit E-book info icon on the tool bar (book).
Complete the details for the title of your book etc.
Click on Edit Icon and choose an icon for your ebook. This is the icon that will be seen in the folder where you save the ebook.
You can click on Edit Start Up to choose a start up message or leave it.
You can click on the Edit User Interface to change the colour etc. or leave it as it is.

Click Edit Output to choose the folder where you want to put the ebook.
Click Build and select your ebook folder.
Click Run to view the book.
The first page of your ebook will have advertising on it because it is free. If you don't want the advertising then you will have to buy the ebook compiler, which is what I did. (Cost $29.95 US)
Note: If you decide to buy the ebook, you click on the Register button. It will show you the key that is associated with the computer you have opened the software on. Your paid for key will not work on any other computer, so make sure you have the numbers from the computer you will be using the paid for software on.

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