Digital Beginnings 2006

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Artist’s Opening Night Talk

My father used to use his aeroplanes like we might use our car in the days when you could use the plane to muster the sheep out of the way and land in a paddock… early on I was exposed to a very different perspective of the world! When I first saw the New Zealand mountains from above it looked like someone had sploshed whipped cream all over them. So this was the look I decided on when, last year I began this art work for a digital competition which was themed Christmas. I thought I would use the Christmas colours of red white and green.

I began this work in a 3d software program called “Terragen” where I sculpted the mountains and made the valleys low enough for water. I added atmospheric conditions so that the sky became red and set the water to make it icy….

I was wanting to put some land in a cup and when I revisited this image and looked at the snowy mountains it suddenly looked like a cool refreshing drink, a sherbet in a wine I took it into Photoshop (computer software program), where I used the mouse to draw a wine glass.

As I looked at the image I was making I thought: "Blood red from pure white". Colour on a monitor is different from pigment colour because it is based on light. If you mix the primary pigment colours you get a muddy brown, but if you mix the RGB colours, which are used when choosing colours for showing on a monitor, you get white….white light. White is made from the highest values of red, green and blue. The lowest values means there is no light which is black….without the light we wouldn’t see the colour red.

I thought of all the kingdoms that had been paid for in blood and wondered how many people when thinking of a kingdom thought only of a circular crown and what can be held in the hand and not of all the roots/branches that come out from one….all the effects of being “King of the castle”! I thought of leaves and the seasons of kingdoms.

I showed the image to a colleague and he said it looks like the beginning…the beginning of the world and I thought, "Yes it does. It speaks of beginnings".

Then I thought: “How like God’s kingdom this is.” So I took some of the clouds and turned them into flame wings to represent the Holy Spirit.”

So here I have a little piece of the land of mountains and snow and a little piece of the land of sky and fire……

Now that is like New Zealand, the land of my physical birth (beginning) and Australia which is the land of my spiritual birth…. New Zealand land you can own…hold in your hand but the Australian land you can only lease!

And these are the beginnings of the thought I thought as I created this work! There were many others but I will leave room for you to bring your own meaning to it.

I feel excited about what I have created using a new process for a new century. Enjoy the exhibition and I hope it sparks new thoughts in you too.


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