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Find The Ancinet Path book cover Young Adult Fiction Novel.

Sometimes fiction is easier to believe than the truth.
Will the strange message on her family urn help Haras unravel the mysteries surrounding her family?
Will she find the ancient path and will the path be what she is expecting?

"A really good book. I enjoyed it. It surprized me" (draft copy read by 13 year old Tara)


"Word Power Poetry & Poetics"

contains visual, concrete and digital poems and can now be purchased from:

ISBN: 0-9751958-6-7

Year of release: 2012

Israel Photographed

"Israel Photographed:
with photographic tips"

Contains photographic tips and photos taken in Israel and can be purchased from:

ISBN: 0-9751958-2-4

Year of release: 2011

In His Time by Jennifer Phillips

In His Time

Christian Poetry

ISBN: 0-9583598-0-6

Year of release: 1983
Binding: stapled

$20 (includes postage)

You can buy an Ebook of "Israel Photographed: with photographic tips" for $5.99

You Can Make A Web Site by J. Phillips





You Can Make A Web Site

ISBN: 0-9751958-0-8

Year of release: 2004

Out of print

© 2000 From New Zealand by Jennifer Phillips

� 2000 From New Zealand

ISBN: 0-9583598-3-0

Year of release: 2000
Out of print

In Their Likeness by Jennifer Phillips

In Their Likeness

ISBN: 0-9583598-2-2

Year of release: 1995
Out of print

In His Hands by Jennifer Phillips

In His Hands

ISBN: 0-9583598-1-4

Year of release:1992


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