Ancestors & Family

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Paternal Ancestors: Chart
Beauchamp Ancestors(France - England), Arthur Beauchamp & wife, Great Grandfather Stanley Beauchamp, Great Grandfather James McNeill(born 1880, Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland), Grandfather Harry McNeill
Arthur and Stanley Beauchamp are in this family group James  with Great grandfather Stanley Beauchamp James McNeill, Born:1880 Jim McNeill with Governor General Sir Norrie

grandmother Grandfather Harry McNeill
Elizabeth Stanley Boag (nee Beauchamp) + Harry McNeill

Great Grandparents

Stanley Beauchamp + Marion Gardner     James McNeill + Jane Turner

Great Great Grandparents

Kezia Mary Bell + Robert Gardner       Mary Elizabeth Stanley + Arthur Beauchamp

Maternal Ancestors: Chart
Lissington / Lessington (England), Lissingden/Lissinctona (Denmark), Franklin, Thessman (Prussia)
My great great grandmother Amalia Auguste Johanne BRIESCHKE, who married Johann Freidrick TESMER/THESSMAN, emigrated to NZ from Klein Jannewitz, Pommern in 1875 while her parents and some siblings emigrated to Chicago c1880.
My 37th Great Grandfather was King Kenneth MacAlpin (834 - 859)
Great Great Grandparents george and Mary Hitchman (nee Foley) with daughter Ctherine Hitchman ancestor Maternal Great Grandmother Katherine Hitchman aged 17 Maternal Great Grandfather James Lissington aged 17 Great grandfather James Lissington Maternal  Four maternal generations.Great Grandmother Annie mary Franklin (nee Thessman), Edie Harriot pycroft, Eileen Pycroft, Great Great grandmother Amalia Thessman. Great maternal grandfather: James Lissington Maternal Catherine and James Lissington with children including my grandfather Harold Wareho Lissington

grandparents lissington
Harold Whareho Lissington + Kathleen Julia Juneta Franklin

Great Grandparents

Sydney Franklin + Annie Mary Thessman,      Catherine Hitchman  + James Lissington

Great Great Grandparents

George Hitchman + Maria Foley      Francis Lissington + Mary Margaret Shaw    Ameila August Johnane Thessman(nee Brieschke)

Parents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters

My Father: Paul Beauchamp-Legg Mother Frances Legg paul frances Paul Beauchamp My Father: Paul Beauchamp-Legg Early family photo with my father and mother My Father: Paul Beauchamp-Legg and brother James My Father, me and sister Kathryn Me standing next to my Art work-chalk on board Jennifer Phillips with mother brothers and sisters in Brisbane Dad uncles maternal relatives

Husband and children

Photo of the Phillipos' family taken by the New Zealand photographer, Dave Evans of Havelock North, in 1997. Phillips girls 2005 2008 Phillips family photo


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